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Communications & Strategic Planning

As professionals, we understand the ever-changing communications environment. We know that what works for one audience, will not necessarily work for another. Because of this, we carefully evaluate clients’ goals and objectives, communications expectations, target audiences, budget and everything in between. NEA Group uses the best communication strategies and tactics to get the job done.

Media Relations

Working with the media is an art form. It takes time, talent and patience to get press coverage. Whether it is a local newspaper, national blog or TV, NEA Group is skilled at maintaining positive media relations and ensuring those relationships are well kept. We reach out to the appropriate target audiences to produce the most positive media response.

Website Development

Your website is your face to the world. NEA Group works with talented designers and programmers to deliver results through creative and effective websites. We will create a site that promotes your company using innovative ideas to drive traffic and accomplish your company’s long-term goals.

Collateral Creation

At NEA Group, we create professionally written and creatively designed collateral pieces that are focused on grabbing the attention of appropriate target audiences. We know the collateral materials should convey the message of your company and are critical to your company’s marketing efforts and overall success.

Social Media Planning, Implementation and Monitoring

We make it our priority to know and understand your brand and what is being said about it online. We implement high-quality tools to monitor and measure information within social networks, blogs and other forums. Our tools help you engage with your customers to ensure their positive feedback. After all, people are already talking about what you do – study them.

Event Planning

We develop and manage events that are memorable and inspiring. We do not let any detail go unnoticed and promote your brand in the most creative and effective way. From creative ideas to day-of management, we provide our clients with successful events that draw a crowd and applause every time.


They say good writers are born. At NEA Group, we are lucky to have some of the best. We know that concise messaging is the foundation to any communications plan. Period. We know how to highlight your company by presenting your most positive attributes in a creative way. It allows us the opportunity to create the perfect message that brands your company to appropriate target audiences.

Video Production

Professionally-developed videos entertain, inform and sell. NEA Group brings unparalleled expertise to your video production needs. We have the resources to create an effective and results-driven campaign that will transform a client’s vision into a valuable messaging tool.